For Swedes, Christmas is undoubtedly one of the biggest celebration of the year.  Like other Scandinavian countries, Swedish Christmas takes place on the 24th of December, with most festivities concentrated later in the afternoon when it is dark. The Swedish Christmas table or ‘julbord’ is laden with simple, traditional fare known as husmanskost – literally […]

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On the 13th of December every year, Swedes celebrate the feast day of Saint Lucia.  The origins of the celebration aren’t entirely clear, but it is thought that Lucia was born in Sicily in the 300th century AD and according to legend brought food and drink to Christians hiding from persecution in the Roman Catacombs.  To […]

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The build up to Christmas, or Jul as Swedes call it, is a special time in the Swedish calendar.  It is normally very dark in December, with some parts of the country experiencing only a few hours of daylight.  As such, this time of year centres around all things warm, cosy and light.  Pre-Christian Swedes […]

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The autumn is a time when Swedes get outdoors as much as they can.  Well-aware of the looming winter months, they make the most of the milder climate while it lasts, heading into the open air for family days out.  The term ‘utflykt’ has come to define these excursions.  Meaning both trip and adventure, it […]

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Known as Alla Helgonas Dag ( All Hallows or All Saints day), Halloween in Sweden is traditionally a time for gathering together and remembering loved ones who have passed away.  It is normally celebrated on the Saturday falling between the 31st of October and 6th of November as this was historically thought to be a […]

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BBQ Meatballs WEB

The Swedes and BBQ

Many imagine that Sweden is only a winter idyll, constantly covered by snow and ice, full of cute wooden cabins with log fires burning and wolves howling outside.  Sure, this may be true for most of the year (we also ride reindeer to work and listen to ABBA on repeat while assembling our flatpack furniture), […]

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Picnic and Swedes

‘Summer is short, most of it rains away.’ Most Swedes know the famous words to Tomas Ledin’s (one of our favourite pop stars) song off by heart.  And while it’s true that a wash out is certainly as much of threat in Sweden as it is here, we also know how to make the most […]

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Midsummer Traditions

While many European countries punctuate their years with traditionally Christian holy days, such as Christmas and Easter, few traditions remain from our earlier, pagan roots. This is not the case in Sweden, where Midsummer’s Eve is celebrated with abandon every year.  The holiday may date back to ancient fertility rituals that were said to guarantee […]

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Eurovision in Sweden

It’s that most glittery, glamorous time of the year, when nations across our continent come together to set aside political and cultural differences in the interest of an evening of pure pop abandon – it can only be Eurovision! Following Måns Zelmerlöw’s victory with his catchy pop tune Heroes (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sGOwFVUU0I) last year, 2016’s contest will […]

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